memento mori


An overhead light flickered weakly within the bathroom. The sleazy aura that permeated the dive bar had especially extended to its incredibly rundown restroom, where he had opted to flit around for his own self-satisfaction. He had slinked away into one of the stalls with a single orange handkerchief crammed haphazardly into his rear left pocket. The likelihood that another person at the bar had spotted the fabric was shaky. However, his ears immediately tuned into the sound of the restroom door slowly opening and another person walking into the stall beside him. He had carefully selected this one, having taken note of the hole carved into the wall ages ago. He knelt down before the hole and curled a finger through it to draw attention to himself, eagerly watching as the figure through the hole unbuckled their belt. 


Biting his lip, he propped himself up more as he quickly was presented with an impressive display. He pressed his lips to the tip of the stranger's cock, revelling in the instantaneous shudder. With the utmost care, he licked a stripe along the length and pressed his tongue flat against the base before dragging it back upwards. He pulled away slowly, curling his fingers around the other man's length. He gave him a lazy pump right before he pressed another kiss to the head of his cock, steadying himself on the balls of his feet as he mentally prepared himself. He wrapped his lips around the crown, experimentally bobbing his head once, then twice with a slight wince as the man's cock briefly hit his gag reflex. He felt the bile threatening to creep up his throat and expel itself, but he swallowed it back down just to ball up his fist as he lowered his head onto the stranger's dick once more. He relished in the string of reflexive obscenities that spilled out from behind the stall wall.


“W-wait!” The voice ripped him out from his thoughts and tied tight knots into his guts. “I wanna fuck your throat.” Fuck. That sounded incredibly appealing to him, he'd have to admit. He knew that the stall wall was the one thing impeding that but he also felt the need to keep this level of anonymity that he had going; he had his pride and thought of himself as ‘above’ sucking random guys’ dicks in a skeevy bathroom at a rundown dive bar. He weighed his options, still carefully balancing on his toes.


“Fine,” was his only response as he reached up to unlatch the stall door. He could hear the thrill in the other man as he watched his shape disappear from within the carving. He jolted slightly whilst the door creaked open and the stranger towered over his hunched form. His boxers suddenly felt sickeningly sticky as he looked up at him, eyes stubbornly darting to the man's flushed cock. His mouth watered at the sight and the mere thought of the feverish pace he was hoping for. The man seemed the desperate type, his pitiful tone as he told him that he desired to fuck his face was more than enough of an indicator in his mind. Spindly fingers came to rest upon the crotch of his own jeans, rolling against his palm with gritted teeth and a harsh hiss ripping from between them. 


A calloused hand carded through his fiery locks, gripping tightly. His head was guided back its position before the stranger's cock, the leaking tip smearing some pre against chapped lips. He wrapped his hands around the length presented to him, lazily pumping it before enveloping it in a sloppy kiss. The hand guiding his head pushed him down further, tears pricking his eyes as the crown hit the back of his throat. He did everything in his power to push down a reflexive gag, swallowing around the cock and eliciting a shiver and groan from the man before him. He remained seated there as hips slowly pulled back before forcibly snapping right back into his maw, ripping a strangled moan from within his throat. The other man repeated the action, building up a fierce rhythm as tears threatened to spill from his eyes. Times like these, he was grateful for his sunglasses.


His hand drifted towards his own jeans, grinding down against the heel of his palm. He groaned shakily around the cock in his mouth as the other man thrusted faster, trying his damnedest to reach the deepest recesses of his throat. His jaw was growing sore as the stranger just continued to aggressively thrust into his mouth, a chain of drool slowly dripping down his chin. What only could be described as a whine was easily coaxed out of him when the man yanked harshly on a fistful of his hair, smashing his nose against the unruly trail of hair. He inhaled deeply and shuddered as he basked in the man's musk, jaw aching terribly now as the thrusts grew more fervent. His head was swimming and the other man mumbled out a weak warning, but he couldn't quite make it out over the sound of blood rushing in his skull.


With a broken cry, his mouth was shoved firmly as far down on the man's cock as physically possible whilst he filled his mouth with what felt like excessive amounts of cum. It soon became apparent to him that the stranger was clearly pent up for who fucking knows how long and he finally gave the guy a little bit of relief. Honestly, he could relate. It had been quite some time since he got any action of his own, and that absolutely was the driving force behind his cruising trip. He slowly pulled off of his dick, wincing. Scowling, he wiped away gross mixes of drool and cum that dripped down from the corners of his mouth. He felt disgusting and sticky, the salty taste resting on his tongue. His pride wouldn't allow him to just spit it out -  he didn't want to seem like a little bitch - but at the same time he could not stand the taste.


Almost like he could sense the man's inner turmoil, the stranger gripped onto his jaw and smashed their lips together, immediately trying to stick his tongue down his throat. He gasped slightly in shock, melting towards the other man as that tongue began flicking away every speck of cum from his mouth. Well, this was unexpected, but he certainly welcomed it. The other man pulled away slowly, eyes lidded as he made a show of swallowing his own cum.


His face was burning hot; he never expected that he'd find something like that as attractive as he did. The man tilted his chin up, humming slightly before suddenly pushing him to the ground. He briefly had the wind knocked out of him as his ratty trench coat was quickly shoved off, worn-out alien t-shirt pushed up, and the stranger ran a tongue down his heaving chest. A rough thumb ran along the faded scars that curved around his pecs, hidden eyes firmly burning into the man. He arched his back and bit down harshly onto his lip, relishing in the metallic tang of blood beading up.


“Fuck,” he hissed out as the man fumbled with his jeans, hurriedly undoing both the button and fly. He gritted his teeth as dragged his nails along his arms, digging them into any patch of exposed flesh he could find. The other man hooked his fingers under the waistband of his boxers, yanking them down and exposing his drooling cunt to the cool air. A hand gripped onto his bony hip, a free thumb ghosting over his swollen clit. He rolled his hips up, further seeking even more of that sweet friction. This was a pleasant turn of events; he was earnestly planning on just rubbing one out after making the walk of shame back home. Calloused fingers danced along his folds, landing back on his tdick and lightly stroking it. A gentle pinch pulled a choked sound from him as he grinded his hips back against the touch. The stranger began to apply the slightest hints of pressure on both sides of his growth, alternating the focus as heavy pants filled the air. He groaned shakily as he attempted to raise his hips, stopped by the other man's grip.


“Fuck me,” he growled, hand creeping up to hide his face as he averted his eyes, sharp features dusted with a brilliant crimson. Blown pupils were staring down at him, burning with clear hunger and desire. It tied knots into his guts, feeling self conscious under the intense gaze.


“Do you mean that?” The question was almost disgustingly innocent, grossly sincere, and his mind went blank. His mouth was suddenly so dry. Every thought crashed by, going by at a million miles a minute. Unable to form a proper response, he merely nodded with a slight shrug. He was content with where this night was going. Finally getting his rocks off was just what he needed, otherwise he was going to have the itch to pull out his shotgun and fire at random. 


Fingers eagerly retreated from his cock, leaving him whining at the loss of contact. The other man stared down at the dishevelled state that the redhead was in, savouring it with a smirk. He gripped onto his long, gangly legs to throw them over his shoulders while he teased his folds. He circled his thumb against his clit, gently dragging a finger down to probe at his weeping hole. With a hum, the stranger slowly pushed his finger into him as he moaned shakily in response. Head swimming, he rolled his hips upwards to grind his dick against the man's hand. He shook his head as he pushed another finger into him, curling and flexing them with a coo. Absolutely enthralled by the reaction, he began to slowly thrust his fingers into the man at a steady rhythm. Clawed hands gripped onto any piece of fabric they could reach as he desperately sought out for purchase, damn near whimpering when the man brushed against that sensitive bundle of nerves.


Those glorious fingers slipped away, leaving him feeling hauntingly empty, but he was soon greeted by the man's leaking cock hungrily pressed against his cunt. He snorted to himself as he took note of how quickly it took the man to get his second wind, his cock just as hard as it was when he first had it in his mouth. Chest heaving, he eagerly pushed his hips down onto the dick, reflexively hissing at the sensation. He rolled his hips up to encourage the other man to start moving, to which he quickly got the message. He pulled his hips back before quickly slamming into him, immediately responding with a pleased sigh. The man experimentally repeated the action while watching his reactions carefully. Almost bored with this agonisingly slow pace, he barked, “Jesus christ, pick up the pace. I'm snoozing down here. How embarrassing would it be to have a guy fall asleep on your cock from boredom?”


This instantly sparked some more energy into the stranger, who returned the taunts with much harsher and faster thrusts. He began to maintain a fervent rhythm, seeking to find that exact spot in an attempt to hear him squeal and scream in delight. He cackled as he dug bitten nails into exposed flesh, groaning shakily yet noticeably much louder when he discovered that spot. He had nearly choked on his own spit in shock, babbling incoherently as the man above him started to hammer into it at a frenzied rate. Gagging and coughing loudly, his chokes melted away into strangled moans as the man's movements soon grew more erratic and the burning pit in his stomach told him that he was well on his way to his own climax. Seeking that sweet release, he reached down to toy at his tdick as his cunt was repeatedly slammed into at a breakneck rate. Loudly proclaimed with what was more akin to a shout, waves of pleasure rushed over him with a shudder and tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. The stranger above him, chasing that same high, continued to thrust aggressively into his sensitive hole and whined as walls tightened around his length. With one final harsh thrust, he pushed himself as deep into him as he could and groaned as he spilled over inside of him.


He slowly pulled out, leaving him feeling horribly empty. Overcome with an impulse and what he believed to be spite, the man spat on him with the coldest expression he had worn throughout this entire encounter. He panted to himself as he lied on the floor, watching as the man put his cock back in his pants and zipped them back up, walking away like none of this ever happened.


Slowly, he rose back to his feet and pulled his jeans back on along with his trench coat, that distinctly sticky feeling of drying cum making his skin crawl. He stumbled out from the bathroom stall, content with himself. That was fun and all, but it was time for him to get back home and clean up now.


Looking back at the mess the two made, he slinked out from the public restroom to make the trip back to his rundown trailer.