memento mori


The two had been lounging around Charlie's apartment while the yellow critter was setting up his bong, packing the bowl with an idle hum. Pim was leaning against his side as he observed him, watching closely as he carefully pressed the plant into the bowl with his pinkie finger. Charlie wrapped his arm around Pim as he poured a nearby bottle of water into the bong.


"Oh, hold on dude, I just," he mumbled as he took back his arm to move the bong into his lap. He pressed parted lips to the stem as he clumsily lit the bowl. He inhaled slowly and carefully, lifting the bowl in the process. He pulled away slowly and placed the bowl back in place. He held his breath in before exhaling a large cloud of smoke, being cautious as to not blow it directly into his companion's face.


Pim's eyes darted between Charlie's face and his hands as he repeated the process for the rest of the bowl. He felt utterly entranced by the display, just something about it all really appealed to the critter. Charlie snorted and Pim immediately felt his face flush as he realised he had been caught staring.


"Ah! Sorry," he mumbled and turned his gaze to his lap, where he began incessantly fiddling with the hem. "Nah dude, it's fine, do you want a hit or something?" the yellow critter hummed in response and he perked up, eyes finding themselves locked onto his lips. Realisation hit in slowly and a smirk found its way on his lips. "Actually, I've got an idea," he said, shifting how he was sitting as he took another slow hit from his bong and held it. He set the device aside quickly on the table so it was out of their way and held Pim's increasingly warm face in his hands. He ran his thumb across his bottom lip, causing him to part his lips as he got the message. They both leaned in closer as Charlie slowly exhaled the smoke into Pim's face, watching as the pink critter breathed in slowly.


"Oh that-that was kinda fun," he murmured just above a whisper, eyes half lidded as he maintained eye contact with him, "Do it again?" Charlie hummed in response as he repeated the process again, cradling Pim's face just a hair apart from his own as he blew the puff of smoke slowly into his face. He breathed it in shakily as he put his hands over the larger critter's own.


Their gazes were locked onto one another's lips, occasionally drifting up into each other's eyes. Eventually, it was Pim who worked the courage to lean in even closer and gently pressed his lips to Charlie's. He swore he felt his heart flutter as he almost instantly began to kiss back, cradling the smaller critter's face in his hands like his life depended on it. He hummed happily to himself as he swiped his tongue across his lower lip, immediately tasting the spoils as lips parted. He honestly wasn't entirely sure what to do with his tongue, much less in his slightly intoxicated state, but he opted to simply explore Pim's mouth with it. He tried not to chuckle to himself as he felt Pim jolt slightly in his touch, melting into it all. The two went back and forth, tongues darting in one another's mouths as Charlie moved a hand down to rest on Pim's hip. His hand crawled its way under the stolen orange hoodie Pim was wearing, resting on his bare waist.


The two finally parted slowly, panting softly as they locked eyes, half lidded. "That was fun," Charlie commented as he slowly leaned back into the couch while Pim stared at him, awestruck. The two exchanged glances before he rushed forward, stealing another kiss from the taller critter. "Sorry, I just-I really like kissing you," he said in a soft voice in between kisses, "Your lips are so nice." He snorted as he pulled Pim into his lap and rested his chin on his head, holding him close to his chest. "That's kinda gay, like probably top ten fruitiest things you've said," he teased, idly cradling the back of his head. He had half a mind to play with the exposed nerve ending, but he quickly thought twice about it and realised just how painful that would be, so he opted not to.


"Like you don't say some pretty gay stuff yourself," Pim chuckled, pushing himself back slightly just so he could make eye contact with Charlie. He felt himself literally whine at the slight loss in contact, which hurt his pride just a bit. "Man, right now I just wanna hold you," he mumbled as he pulled him back to his rest and rested his chin back atop of his head. "Oh all right," he chuckled lightly, fingers tangling themselves into Charlie's tank top as he pressed himself closer into his chest.


"Y'know, you're an awful big softie even if you try not to show it," he commented, gazing up at him with a warm smile, absolutely radiating with tender affection. Now, it was Charlie's turn to get flustered and his own face grew warmer from the sweet words, compounding on the full-bodied warmth from the weed. "God, you're an absolute sap," he mumbled and turned his face away, a smile stubbornly sticking to his lips as he avoided the other critter's eyes.


Pim leaned up and peppered light kisses to his face with a gentle hum, "True, but you do this to me." This had Charlie grinning like an absolute fool, his heart feeling so full and warm as he turned his gaze back to him. "Man, I love you so much," he cooed as he brought his hands back to Pim's face. He smiled up at him with the utmost endearment in his eyes and leaned into the contact, putting his hands over Charlie's, "I love you too."


He pulled him closer into his embrace, where the two remained for the evening, just lovingly tangled up in each other's arms.