What began as the intention to adapt Warhammer into a real time strategy game, Warcraft as a franchise quickly spiralled into one of Blizzard's more fruitful ventures.


My own personal experience with the franchise began around 2009, in between the release of Wrath of the Lich King and Catacylsm. My father let me make my own characters on his personal World of Warcraft account to play around on. Originally, he had actually made me a gnome character as my first character because I really wanted pink hair, I have since forgotten what class she originally was but I remember her low-poly hot pink pigtails exceptionally well to this day. The first character that I made for myself was a night elf hunter that if I recall correctly, I named something like Rosebright. In recent years, I've made a character in Wrath Classic as a tribute to her, a nod to my origins with this game that has since left quite the impact on my life.